Planting and Harvesting Peace

As we go into February of 2018, I have began to wonder as I have talked with others about many conflicts, tragic events, unprecedented countries and officials exposed, countless undermined decisions, sudden and unexplained changes, "over the top" dramatizations, and insanely crazy theatrics that has occurred over the past two years. It is a shame … Continue reading Planting and Harvesting Peace


Happy Belated New Year!

Sorry people, this holiday season has completely gotten away from me. On a positive note, I have had a wonderful time spending time with my family, laughing, joking, and stuffing myself with mounds of turkey, ham, and other holiday goodies. That time was very much-needed. I hope you had an amazing Holiday season, as well. Now, with the holidays in the rear view mirror and more drama then ever check out 3 inspirational memes of hope to help inspire you this 2nd week of the new year.

Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose

Hello everyone, I know it has been a -long- no-post. It is wonderful to be writing again. So, come check out, my new post, 'Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose'. In order to answer this important question; "Why should royalty, entertainer, CEO, billionaire, doctor, inventor, politician, or reality star be valued more period by, making the sacrifices to follow their own heart to their intended purpose than a person that is 'poor' by society's standards?" Thanks and Cheers.

Instrument of Grace

Hello, everyone. When I found this quote, I though this would be appropriate since, it is planting season. And, if you are planning to plant flowers or a garden there can be a lot of work and you have to go through alot of steps in order to reap a successful harvest. So, check this 'meme' out and leave your comments on how you feel about gardening. I hope this quote will bring you a little encouragement this planting season.

Happy Resurrection Day

Hello Everyone,  Here are some memes and pictures to encourage you whether you are a Christian, Catholic, all believers of Jesus Christ, and everyone in between who may believe in God, but doesn't think he likes them. As you take time to remember, reflect, and celebrate on today the life, teachings, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Happy Resurrection Day and Easter Everyone!                                                    … Continue reading Happy Resurrection Day