What is Hope?

“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is the tree of life.”

Proverbs:  13:12 KJV


According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary app, the definition of hope is “to want something to happen or be true and think or could happen or be true.”  And, according to the King James Version of the bible, just the word “hope” alone is stated 84 times in the KJV version of the bible and by stating many times that their hope is in God and in Jesus Christ Lord and Savior.


But, what does” Hope” mean to you?  I believe, “hope” is an extremely important tool for survival, without it, I have found that people just flat-out give up.  Giving up on their purpose for them being here on the planet, their destiny’s to achieve even the most microscopic of accomplishments, to pray for and to find cures for sickness, cancers, and diseases, and to fight for change on issues that are bigger than themselves.

Also, by smothering and ignoring hope for financial profit, as well as, tolerance, patience, forbearance, and understanding what is left but for angry, frustrated, hurt, and bitter individuals to react violently by killing multitudes of innocent people and themselves?


During the civil rights movement, hope for change is, what inspired a movement lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and generations of empowered Americans that came along with him to endure, fight, march, and protest until change came into fruition.

If hope isn’t important or need to be down played so much, then why so many brave and courageous people throughout history, and even these increasingly turbulent times on a daily basis; risk their lives, families, and everything that is familiar to them, to fight for the change of flawed systems, racial prejudices, and violent discrimination?


That is why, I believe that the best way to hold on to your hope is to fight for it! Making an effort to fight is such an important task in making a visible effort in keeping your hope alive.



Martin Luther King Jr.
quote found @ http://www.celebquote.com


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