Compliments vs. Insults


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Proverbs:  18:21 KJV


Lately, I have been thinking about the endless amounts of causes that make people to lose hope, inspiration, get so disgruntled with racial injustices, political politics, and oppressive governmental systems that is happening in this country every day.


And, lash out so violently and more frequently that there are attacks happening in schools our children go to, in malls, grocery stores, movies, and other public places.  With the end result; causing lives being taken, destinies ruined, sowing the seed of permanent discouragement, and an unending amount of anger and hostility.  What can drive people to act so crazy?


Now, my purpose for bringing up these awful things is not to depress you.  Or, to remind you about things that are occurring in society that you cannot change.

A lot of violent actions can be traced back to mean, hateful, and discouraging words that are coming out of people’s mouths.  No, you may say, that can’t be it.


Okay. I want you to try a quick experiment.


Think back in your mind, about 5 compliments someone had given you about yourself, that really moved you, made you feel awesome, confident, and encouraged.  Are you smiling yet?  It made you feel good… right?


Now, think about 5 insults someone had given you about yourself or something you did wrong that really shook you now to your core that made you feel embarrassed, angry, or stupid.  Are you frowning yet? It didn’t make you feel all of the great things the compliments made you feel right?  Now, have I made my point?


When you look at compliments vs. insults; why is it we hold on to the soul crushing insults, instead of the life-giving compliments?  Because, we as human-beings just want to be praised, accepted, and lifted up instead, of negatively getting insulted all of the time.  Which will help bring out the worst in us, instead of bringing out the best in us.  Isn’t there enough hate in the world, instead of adding to the energy supply?


Next time, think about that experiment before you start handing out insults all of the time.  I am starting to, more and more.  Giving more compliments is another effort you can make in keeping your hope alive.


Also, if you want to read some positive quotes to motivate you, check out my Hello Sunshine, Quotes To Make Your Day  page.


“Everybody likes a compliment.”

Abraham Lincoln

Quote found at


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