Winning, is that the only reason?

Right now, I can pretty much gauge that after the required activities of the day is out-of-the-way, that everyone is just as glued to their television, as I am to mine, watching the 2016 Rio Olympics.

On yesterday, after watching the USA Olympic women’s gymnastics team self-nick named “the final five” winning the team gold medal and beating out all of other competing gymnastic teams from other competing countries, I began to wonder, is winning the only reason why people watch the Olympics?

Through the commercials, the reporters, and the moderators; you are constantly reminded as the viewer; the back story and the huge sacrifices each Olympic athlete have made, in order to get to Rio in the first place.

So as viewers, we tend to get so consumed with who is bringing home the gold.  Everyone’s main question when the TV is turned on is and the Olympics are on is, who won?  The second question is, who brought home the gold?  Who is #1 for the day?  Everyone loves a gold medal winner and getting a silver or bronze medal just plain “stinks”.  That the most important point thing right?  That they are winning and everything else after that, doesn’t really matter one way or the other.


However, if you will take the time to notice, that for the athletes: that are doing the sweating, the competing, the winning, and the losing; when they are interviewed, their responses are varied.  The responses appear to not, just be solely focused on winning, but it is about how much further they have to go into the competition, in order to bring home the gold.


Also, the athletes are very careful to show good sportsmanship, handle the enormous amount of pressure they are under to perform perfectly, and the importance of just taking the time to enjoy being there in the first place.  Especially, if they are competing at the Olympics at the first time and for the young first-time teenage competitors. Winning a gold, silver, or bronze medal seems to be important to them, but not everything.


The fact is that they are the cream of the crop of athletes, which are performing in front of the world, are given the opportunity of showing their excellence in their chosen sport.  They still have lives secondary outside of competing or being interviewed about competing.


Plus, trying to block out the haters that like to criticize them for not winning a gold medal in every event. Gold medals are earned, not given out as quickly as a sack of shiny golden chocolates people!


Come on everyone, let’s spend more time cheering, supporting, and praising our athletes and less time criticizing or judging them.  That is why they have judges, to judge their performances.  It will encourage them after the Olympics are over, not discourage them.  And, to inspire new athletes to start their journey, to chase their dreams to compete in next Olympics.


This is how you will continue on keeping hope alive.  I thought, that one of the main purposes for having the Olympics, is to keep the tradition of having the best and most talented athletes racing into the future.  Not provoking them to quit.


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