A Universal Message of Peace

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A Gold Medal Stands For More Than Just Winning…

Sunday night marked the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  I watched on television the closing ceremonies on NBC in Rio.  As the world gathered together once again, to extinguish the Olympic flame that will remain extinguished for another four years, and to pass on the Olympic flag to Japan.  That will be hosting the next, summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan in 2020.

I enjoyed watching the happy Brazilian volunteers participate in the apparently extremely fun, colorful, lively, and festive ceremony.

I also listened very intently to what International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach had said in his speech about, how all of the Olympian athletes that had participated in the Olympic Games were sending a universal message of peace.  By being international ambassadors of peace. By showing the world that they can live together in the Olympic Village in peace, befriend one another, and show selfless acts of good sportsmanship while competing against each other.

Later on, I had thought about what Mr. Bach had said and his message had resonated with me.

Particularly after reading an informative, factual, but very grim article, The Rio de Janeiro Olympics Were Not a Disaster.  Now What?  I had found written by Jonathan Levin that can be read at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-22/the-rio-de-janeiro-olympics-were-not-a-disaster-now-what.  Stating the facts about what has been happening in Rio, before and during the Olympics; and what is on the horizon to happen long after the Olympics are over.  As well as, the social-economic and financial obstacles that Rio is facing and what is proposed to be done, if they are to ever overcome them.

From my observations, that highly applauded universal message of peace speech desperately needed to be said.  To send the message to the world overran with war, poverty, hostility, prejudice, and civil unrest; that the Olympics should stand for more than, displaying competition and entertainment.


It should and does stand for peace.


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