Ymmm…. blueberry muffins, a morale booster


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Yes, I know what you are thinking and “No” this is not a food blog.

Even though I enjoy them very much.  The cooking blog Cookie and Kate is my favorite one, it is a vegetarian based cooking blog.  “No” once again, I am not a vegetarian, I enjoy having a balanced diet that includes meat.  I am just saying, I love my barbecue meat!  I am from the south everyone… give me a break! 

I enjoy reading the blog for the healthy whole food recipes that features fresh fruits and vegetables, that are easy to make however, can be somewhat time-consuming .  Since about 4 months ago, I had made the decision to go completely gluten-free, for purely health reasons.  And, the cooking blog Cookie and Kate, has provided me with a good source of vegetarian/ gluten-free sweet and savory recipes.  They are a huge asset to my growing collection of cookbooks and electronically bookmarked pages stored in my favorite web browser of gluten-free and healthy recipes.

For me, cooking has always been a wonderful morale booster.  I enjoy baking the most,  done in moderation, of course.  It helps me to mentally decompress, when I am having a bad day, am feeling stressed, upset, sad, or trying to figure out a problem.  I can clear my head and just focus on following the instructions: of a brand new recipe I have found or on the back of a box or package of cakes, cookies, or brownies.  “Yes” I do use store-bought cooking mixes, they are quick, they save time, take fewer ingredients than a regular recipe, and more recently, it has become easier to find some of my favorite gluten-free mixes in almost every grocery store. Don’t judge me!  The blueberry muffins featured in the picture above, I made by using Martha White’s Gluten Free Blueberry Muffin Mix and “Yes” they are as delicious as they look.

I believe that finding the time to do a task or choose a hobby to boost your morale, is very important in keeping your hope alive.  It is so easy to get discouraged, agitated, and frustrated in your daily life.

Having a healthy outlet if it is:

  • Knitting
  • Restoring Vintage Cars
  • Wood Carving
  • Craft-Making
  • Sports
  • Or any other hobby, you prefer

Will give you something to look forward to.  Providing an opportunity to take your mind off of your troubles for a short time.  The reason why I enjoy baking so much, is not only for the purpose of eating the yummy finished product.  It is the combination of the happy, satisfied, and excited responses; I evoke from my family and friends such as: “This is so good!”  or “Did you make this?”  Those responses make my day and uplift me.  They make me feel like I am doing something right, when everything else around me is falling apart.

Think about the methods I have discussed, the next time your morale needs a much-needed boost.


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