Getting Stuck in Life


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That is what you call, getting stuck in the mud…


One day about ten years ago, I was driving through my backyard after it had rained for about a week without stopping.  I had hit a very soft and muddy mud hole.  My car had sunken slightly, deep into the mud.  I cried “No” and started to panic.  The more I applied the gas; the more the wheels of my tires kept spinning.  Mud was being slung everywhere; covering my car with mud.  Then I knew, I wasn’t going anywhere.  My car was officially stuck in the mud. 

After that dramatic realization, I refused to relent that my car was stuck in the mud.  By calling for reinforcements to pull my car out of the mud.  I did not want to hear the lecture that I knew was coming to me, from my father.  He was going to say, “You should have known better than to drive into that mud hole!”  So I calmed myself down, took a pause for a moment, applied the brake, and put the car in park. I got out of the car and surveyed the area around where I was stuck in the mud.

Thankfully, I had found a hard patch of ground to the left of where my car was stuck at.  Sighing in relief, I jumped back into my car, put the car in drive, and turned the wheel to the left.  Finally, I felt a big bump, as I was driving out of that mud hole.  I howled with joy, while I was driving my car out of the mud, and onto that hard patch of ground.

Just like in the story, I have featured above.  There are many times, I have felt afraid, and just plain stuck in life.  Due to the decisions and choices, I have made.  That has landed me, flat on my face.  Are their times in your life, that you feel as if you are spinning your wheels, and are not getting anywhere?  That, there is a feeling, that you are stuck in life. Not having the slightest clue, about which way you should go.  I know that I do! 

There is a lesson I have learned from being stuck in the mud is: if you take the time to stop, take a pause, assess the situation, and reevaluate your decisions you are making.  To try solving your problems, by trying another approach, that might take you in another direction.  To make decisions, that will take you forward, not backward in your life.  Then before you know it, you will come out of the situation, or rut in which you were stuck in.

Feeling hopeful, empowered, determined, and well equipped to drive right out of that mud hole.


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