Discover Challenge: Staying Open-Minded

via Discover Challenge: Open-Minded


A Flourishing Garden

From the time a garden is planted, until the last harvest is pulled from the flourishing tomatoes and green pepper plants, nothing is promised on how your garden is going to turn out.

Planting a garden has always required me, to stay open-minded about it. Because it has always required me, to do a large amount of hard work, and to have an end-less supply of faith to maintain it.

Every year, I never really know, how it’s going to turn out. It could rain too much or too little. There could be a crop destroying fungus or a bad storm could wipe out all of the plants. There are many more causes and reasons, why a garden could shrivel up and die.


20160805_103116 (2)

Fruits of my Labors

Awesomely, the garden didn’t die this year. The picture above, shows a small amount of the sufficient harvest that came from my garden this year. There were:

  • 10 of two different kinds of tomatoes plants were planted. They are called : Better Boy tomatoes and Roma Italian tomatoes.   The plants produced enough tomatoes for 8 jars of tomato sauce and tomatoes for a nice number of summer salads.
  •  10 of 1 kind of green pepper plants were planted. 10 of 2 different kinds of hot peppers had been planted. Regular green bell pepper plants were planted.
  • And, 5 plants of Cayenne hot peppers and 5 plants of tabasco hot pepper plants were planted. I have 5 bags of green bell peppers frozen in my freezer. Also I have made a lot of dinners that included, green bell peppers as an all-purpose ingredient. There have been over 10 jars of both kinds of hot peppers preserved in vinegar.

By staying open-minded about taking on a project such as gardening, you can be rewarded with unexpected fruits of your labors. Gardening is another activity you can do in keeping your spirits up and in keeping your hope alive.



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