Needing a Support System

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VICTORY! OVER CANCER! (picture taken by andyk @, DSCF322)

Lately, I have been reading blog posts on Feedly, written by Barbara Kivowitz. Her blog is named, In Sickness As In Health: helping couples coping with illness found at I like that blog in particular, because I can relate to Mrs. Kivowitz’s topics of her blog post, to my own life, and I understand her life long battle of managing chronic pain. While I was reading through her collection of posts; a particular blog post stood out to me, titled: Couples Survive Cancer More than Singles.

In Mrs. Kivowitz’s post, she was stating: “Why being married could stop you from dying from cancer: Suffers have `something to live for` if they have a spouse.” Mrs. Kivowitz had given  a list of supporting statistics that said:


Analysis of 60,000 patients showed singletons were more likely to die


Patients’ other halves are more likely to `hassle` them  to see a doctor


For one blood cancer the unmarried had a 43 per cent higher death rate

 Mrs. Kivowitz used a source to get her supporting information. This following quotes were obtained from: Sophie Borland Health Editor in Chicago for The Daily Mail, have given supporting statistics: That, “Married people and people with families are more likely to stick to treatment. They have a support system making them go to chemo, reminding them to take their medication.” “They are also motivated to seek out healthcare. To put it bluntly, they have something to live for. These results show that health services need to take more care of single patients – they need a surrogate for a spouse.” Also there was another sub-heading, Mrs. Kivowitz put in her blog, that grabbed my attention saying, that “Married people are also more likely to survive a heart attack”. “Having a spouse to care for them `in sickness and health` improves patients’ survival chances by 14 percent, experts found.”

Mrs. Kivowitz’s entire post, had caused me to think about; the importance of having a support system from family, friends, and from the local community you live in. While undergoing, something as traumatic as cancer, heart attacks, and other extremely devastating illnesses or diseases. The truth is that: we are humans, who really need each other, and to absorb some of the impact that dealing with sickness can bring. The prayers, comfort, support, encouragement, and free food; can inspire a cancer or heart attack patient, to fight harder and to live longer.
This blog post, has brought to my attention; the importance of having and showing love and compassion, to those who need it the most. Isn’t that is what, keeping your hope alive is all about?
NOTE: To read more of Mrs. Kivowitz blog post that I mentioned above or to visit her blog to view other blog posts;  please click on the available links above in the first paragraph.

4 thoughts on “Needing a Support System

  1. KGT says:

    Dear Hope, Connection and community are one of my major life thrusts right now, so I appreciate this post from you. It’s hard over the internet because we can’t see each other directly but please know that I’m connecting with a few of you, you particularly. Thank you.
    BTW, my second blog on will be out this weekend. I know you were with me on that first one.

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  2. kimberlybuck says:

    So true. I have chronic pain from my back which thankfully is not life threatening but my friends, family and even my dog keep me going. She keeps me moving. She needs me to walk her, feed her, play with her, take her to the park. She’s the biggest motivator of my recovery more than any human.

    Liked by 1 person

    • poetangel1 says:

      Pets are awesome. Aren’t they, I have a grey and black cat name Chester. He cheers me up when nothing else can. I am a chronic pain sufferer, as well. I wish you the best in your daily journey through your back pain.

      Liked by 1 person

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