Daily Post: A Plop of Faith

Daily Post: Plop


A resounding “Plop of Faith”

Within a huge crowd of his friends and family; the man spontaneously, ran down the fishing dock, stopped, turned around backwards and busted a perfect back-flip. That ended with a resounding “plop” and splash in the waiting water below.

The “plop” had happened so quickly, that he had refused to give himself time to think about it. He just acted on faith. He knew without a shadow of a doubt, that if he had paused even for a moment, he was going to chicken-out. He would have been the uncoolest, member amongst of his family and friends.

After the resounding sound of his “plop”, things happened just as he had visualized that they would. His body quickly sunk heavily into the water below for a few seconds, then he was able to quickly swim to the surface, pop up, grab a breath of air, and give a resounding “thumbs up”.

 The on looking cheering crowd had just now witnessed the most compulsive, daring act he had ever done in his life. To the crowd, he was known as the normally boring, careful self-conscience, member of the group. He had never ever taken a daring, mildly dangerous, uncalculated risk to anyones knowledge. This was his first ever back flip off of anything. At this moment, he was feeling very exhilarated and alive.

Victoriously, his “plop of faith” had paid off and he knew his beautifully performed back-flip was going to be instantly replayed in every witnesses; memory banks and conversations for days, weeks, months, and years to come. As he swam to the side ladder attached to the dock and began to climb it to the top, he began to mentally plan his next back flip that was going to happen, within the next 10 seconds.  He smiled a slow smile, of anticipation thinking; “They haven’t seen anything yet! Let them watch this!” And, then he turned around to do another back flip again.


Describe an example of your sudden “plop of faith”?


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