Daily Prompt: Twinkling Stars

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The Twinkling Stars

Growing up, in a small town in North Carolina, in the country. I remember as a child always being able to stand out on the porch on a clear night of my family’s home and have a crystal clear view, of the twinkling stars.

There was: no visual environmental effects of pollution, no smog, no overly bright city lights, or gigantic buildings to obstruct my view. I did not realize that I had, such a wonderful luxury, until I about 11 years old.

During the summer of 1994, my parents had driven me to my grandmother’s apartment in Germantown Philadelphia, Pa. to stay with her for approximately two weeks during my summer vacation. Philadelphia was where my mother was born and raised at. So, she had wanted me to stay there for two weeks to spend time with my grandmother and to visit the slew of relatives, I had living up in the big city.

I had stayed busy, as my grandmother was a very active senior citizen at the time. I spent the first week going with her to church, choir practice, the food drive at her church, riding two buses across town to the West Side of Philadelphia with her to her hair appointment, the grocery store, and visiting my great Uncle John and Aunt Ellen. As well as, that weekend visiting my mother’s two brothers and their children. Then I had spent the second week, spending time with my father’s mother, sisters, brothers, and my huge crowd of cousins.

I remembered going to a lot of places and having a fun time with the enormous crowd that made up my family. However, it wasn’t until my father and Aunt Juanita had ridden eight hours from North Carolina to come and get me, then I had realized that I had missed my family and being at home so much.

Suddenly, it had occurred to me that it had been two weeks since, I had a clear view of what the universe had to offer. Philadelphia has always been a busy city during the day and at night. At night there has always been:  loud noises, bright lights to light up every street corner, police and ambulance sirens, tall buildings, pollution, and very few trees in sight.

So when it was time to leave the city, the next day after my father and aunt had arrived to get me, I was silently looking forward being able to see my twinkling stars, again. Eight hours later that night, when we pulled into the drive way of our very large yard, I was finally able to look up into the sky and I was not disappointed.
milky-way-071015 morgue file (3).jpg

The Stars I Had Missed So Much

I felt like, I was gazing up at an old familiar group of friends, that I had missed very much. And, was glad to have an unobstructed view of them, once again. Right then and there, I had imagined with my 11-year-old mind, that the stars had told me that they had missed me too, by twinkling back at me. Those beautiful twinkling stars, saying Hello my friend.”


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Twinkling Stars

  1. Cheri says:

    I certainly connect with your post today. That is one of the things that I remember about my childhood growing up in the country. The stars… there were so many of them and the night sky was so clear. I will always remember the farm, the garden and always the starts. Hey, that sounds like a post to me!!

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