Daily Prompt: The definition of the word ‘Slog’

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Rejection is part of being a writer

To respond to this daily prompt, I had to go to the dictionary for this word. Even though, I consider myself a pretty smart person, I just have to ‘keep it real’, and say I did not know the definition of the word, ‘slog’. I did not remember reading the definition of the word in high school or college either.   So according to the Advanced English Dictionary, there are three definitions that defines the word ‘slog’. The word ‘slog’ is a verb and the one definition out of the three I can relate to the most is to “work doggedly or persistently; (the definition defined in a sentence is) “She keeps plugging away at her dissertation”.

As I think about the definition of the word `slog`, the thing that reaches the top of my list, that I have been working doggedly or persistently on for the longest in my life is my writing. I had been writing as a hobby for over ten years. I would write inspirational Christian poetry, songs, and mini articles. It would help me to clear my head by getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper, it has been a helpful stress reliever.

However, it has only been within the past three months, that I have built up the courage to start a blog and to move forward with my aspirations in starting a writing career. So now, I am writing blog posts, free verse and prose poetry, articles, essays, and memoirs.  With five rejection letters of five rejected poems already under my belt, two that just came in a couple of e-mails on yesterday— I am just starting to really understand the meaning of the word ‘Slog’. To work extremely doggedly and/or persistently on something.

Lately, I just started reading this book I had checked out from my local library, 1,818 Ways to Write Better & Get Published”, by Scott Edelstein. Yes, people libraries do still exist… especially in my small town. This book features checklists of information every writer should need and so far it has been extremely helpful. The book’s only draw back is  that in certain sections of the book, there aren’t any current updates on writer’s resources and writing technology.

As I have been going through some of the sections of the book: Two of the best tips of advice I have read so far, referring to when your work that has been submitted by an editor or publisher has been rejected is that:

  1. “Always remember that only the piece you submitted has been rejected–not you as a person or a writer.”

  2. Also, “Never forget that getting rejected is a natural part of being a writer. Virtually every writer on the planet, no matter how talented, successful, or well-known, has had work rejected, often repeatedly.”

After reading and pondering the wisdom of  this advice, I am realizing that rejection is just part of the career, I have chosen. I have always accepted the fact that everyone is not going to like me or agree with me or my opinions. So, I am going to expect it to be the same with my writing. I also, am going to have to put into practice an enormous amount of patience and perseverance in order to be successful. I am not going to allow rejection or the fear of being rejected, to stop me.

To all of my new, inspiring, and veteran fellow bloggers out there, don’t allow rejection or fear of rejection to stop you in pursuing your professional goals, as well.

Keep hope alive. Cheers!

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