Daily Prompt: Feeling Fragile


Feeling Fragile (picture found at morgue file.com link at http://mrg.bz/bb90e3


via Daily Prompt: Fragile

I tend to have some days that I feel extremely fragile and breakable. That I have to decide, if I feel well enough to get out of bed, that day. I  know that I have those days, due to dealing with a chronic illness, being a chronic pain sufferer, and some of the emotional ups and downs that goes along with that whole set of territory.

However, I believe that those feelings are common for a lot of other chronic pain suffers, that are in the same boat that I am. Feelings of sadness, anger, depression, frustration, and being completely overwhelmed dealing with the reality of an ailing body. These thoughts and feelings are always there in the back of my mind threatening to take over.

Thankfully, I am grateful for having support: through my support group of loved ones, new church community, a very cute, snuggly, and timid gray and black cat named Chester, an outlet such as this wonderful blog to vent to, and some followers that  can relate to, what I am going through.

Having a support system is what definitely helps me through the times I am feeling so fragile. It is not my fault I was born with an imperfect and sickly body but, knowing that I have people and a pet; that loves me no matter what makes all the difference in the world to me. It is what helps me stay motivated in keeping my hope alive and not allowing those overwhelming thoughts, feelings, and negative shifting of my mood to discourage me from living my life.

On yesterday, I had gotten a new follower with an amazing blog named “The Girl in the Little Black Dress” at natalieslovelyblog.com. While reading one of her blog posts, I stumbled upon a particular one that was such a breath of fresh air for me it was, 100 THINGS TO DO IF YOU’RE SAD. I enjoyed reading those 100 things so much. Here is a message to “The Girl in the Little Black Dress”, I am going to so try those things when I am feeling sad or particularly fragile, you are so awesome for writing them. You really know how to appreciate the little things in life.

The older I get, the more determined I am getting, to accept the things I cannot change. I am going to remain hopeful for the future. I am going to move forward, no matter what. And, I suggest that you will do the same. Doing these things will help in keeping your hope alive.


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