It’s Harvest Time… How About a Parade?


It’s Pumpkin Time!

Fall time always marks one of my favorite events, when my small town of Spring Hope, NC hosts Nash County’s 45th National Pumpkin Festival. The event had taken place this past Friday and Saturday. This years celebration was extra special to my town because it marked the 45th anniversary of the annual event.

 The Pumpkin Festival has always been a festive time of year for me, because it gives locals and people from other cities and towns an opportunity to come together to celebrate the fall harvest. I have been attending since childhood and this year the weather was beautiful for it. I don’t always get an opportunity to go every year for personal reasons or the festival will get rained out, so when I do, I have a blast.

The Pumpkin Festival is a two-day celebration, that started on Friday night with music from a live band, dancing, delicious offerings from different varieties of food trucks, shopping from souvenir stands, and many more family friendly activities.

The festivities continued into the next day on Saturday, continuing on with the same events from the night before and with some new events that include: pumpkin decorating contests, face painting, bouncy houses, and all of the events are capped off with an annual parade.

My favorite event is a glorious parade wonderfully stocked with: hilarious clowns, floats jam-packed with pumpkin queens, high school cheerleaders, cute kids representing local causes and businesses, high school marching bands with loud untraditional marching band tunes, and fire trucks equipped with ear-splitting syrines that everyone always seem to looking forward to hearing, marking the end of another successful parade .

Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to go on Friday night.  However, I had a great time attending the parade and walking around town with my friends and family afterward. The parade always boosts my spirits, allow me to see a lot of people I grew up with, went to high school with, and gives me some material to put into my arsenal, that will help beat the upcoming winter blues.

Here are some pictures from the 2016 45th National Pumpkin Festival  Parade:

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