Daily Prompt: A Symbol of Daring


The 1961 Cherry Red Chevy Chevelle

 Every time I look at this car the 1961 cherry red Chevy Chevelle personifies what daring is to me. It represents what is cool, beautiful, and a classic car that causes me to think that whomever has the privilege to drive it, owns a leather jacket, and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A Dare-devil who goes cliff diving, base jumping, hang gliding, sky diving, para-sailing, and belongs to a biker club on the weekends. Someone who is up for anything that is reckless– that will drive them to put the petal to the metal. That gives them that extreme adrenaline rush, that marvelous sensation of being alive.

The 1961 Chevy Chevelle is a symbol of great strength and daring to me. Because it is a muscle car that is not made anymore. It was made during the 1960’s, a time in America when ordinary American’s made the decision to be daring. To fight, protest, empower others, and to usher in changes that desperately needed to happen in America.

I believe, that the previous feeling of righteous activism, daring, and change is once again being brought back by frustrated and severely oppressed, ordinary Americans. In light of arduous conflict and protests occurring across the country– against the police, racial prejudices, and a grocery long list of decades long of unrighteous injustices. As well as, political differences that are leading this country into a highly anticipated presidential election.


This car is a relic of what America has been, should still be, and could be in the future.


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