Momentary Impulses of Faith

Seemly ordinary group stunts, tricks, and sports are done by extraordinary athletes purely acting on impulse, without thinking about the consequences.

Since the 2016 Summer and Para Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, I have been reflecting upon the amazing feats those extraordinary athletes were able to accomplish. By breaking records, winning gold, silver, and bronze medals, and having the honor to return back to their home country, as heroes.

Also, on how stunt men, performers, and thrill-seekers are able to do extremely complex stunts without thinking about it. By acting first or out of habit, these participants are only supplied with a momentary impulse of faith. Trusting they are going to land safely without accident, injury, or death. They activate their faith either out of– routine, habit, or pure recklessness without thinking about it. For the onlooker, the participant appears to be: daring, fearless, brave, stupid, crazy, or are about to become their superhero.

Listed below are three examples of how: stunt men, thrill-seekers, and athletes have become ready and willing participants in activities, in which the danger is severely overlooked. Each contain a 50/50 chance of the outcome ending in accident or tragedy. What does these three examples have in common? All of the participants have an unrealized supply of faith. What do you think?

Performing Stunts without Caution    
On a pretty ordinary afternoon, during a very popular stunt show; a group of stunt BMX stunt riders will routinely perform a very dangerous, apparently complicated, precisely timed, stunt. That most likely, had taken hours of practice, planning, and prior injuries, in order to master the stunt on their dirt bikes in perfect sync. It makes me realize, that there is a 50/50 chance that each member of the group would come out of the stunt safely, unharmed.

Back flipping by Faith
During a hot summers day a man will spontaneously; decide on a whim, to do a back-flip off of the side of a pool.  He does not stop to realize, their may be a possibility that he might not land safely in the water feet first. For a split second, he acts only be visualizing that he will land in the water with a giant splash, will safely swim up to the surface, and happily wave to his companions, that he made it through the exciting, thrill-seeking experience, unscathed.

Jumping for Glory
While participating in an equestrian competition, an extremely practiced and dedicated horse rider, carefully rides their horse around the complex obstacle course. The rider skillfully jumps his horse over each obstacle and lands safely on the other-side without causing injury to himself or to the horse. There is a huge chance that the rider could fall off of the horse and will never ride or function normally again.

After seeing these examples of momentary impulses of faith; how much could we accomplish as Christians?  When we realize that, we already have the ability to quickly act in any risky situation, without thinking about it. To suddenly trust God, without thinking about it.

Applying our faith, to make it safely through, to the end of our unplanned situation, impossible circumstance, unwanted trial, or soul-crushing tribulation to the other-side. Coming out unscathed, uninjured, unharmed, and cheered on by our friends, family, and community.

Allowing our faith to witness to unbelieving onlookers without, giving it another thought. How powerful could that be? Our momentary impulse of faith could be demonstrated to others as something that is extremely powerful. Don’t you agree?

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