Daily Prompt: Standing on the Border

A few days ago, I was walking along the community path behind my home, snapping photos. I began to look straight ahead at the unruly scenery that was my neighbors’ across the streets’ property.

20160508_062334 (2)

The woods along the community path

The landscape was thick, with vast overgrowths of small populations of various types, heights, and species of trees, ferns, great clusters of vines, golden leaves, and massive unkempt wooded overgrowth.


A Viney Jungle in the country

I inhaled the sweet smell of greenery, fall, and the pure aroma of wildness, only a small wilderness could produce. I listened to the larger than life hopeless chirping, of tiny male birds, desperately attempting to signal a last-minute potential mate, before the chill of winter crept in, fowling there and mother natures last-minute mating plans.


The Beauty of Ferns and Other Fall Leaves 

To fully enjoy the quietness the moment had to offer, I leaned my head back, face tilted skyward, allowing the feather-lightness of rain drops rest upon my forehead, nose, glasses, and lens of my camera.

During that moment, I felt the unwanted stress of a turbulent week, oozing from my body and consciousness, as the peace radiating from untamed overgrowth, noisy birds, and drizzly rain eased my mind and senses.

Standing on the border, had given me a moment of revolation, that surrounded me with an unexpected sensation of peace and tranquility. I was eternally grateful for that precious sudden moment of silence, I wasn’t look for, it just showed up.

You just might find your unexpected, moment of peace, and tranquality. By allowing it to happen, by being out and about for another purpose. What has happened to you while you were standing on the border?


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