Pets are a Wonderful Source of Inspiration!


This is Chester, wanting his tummy scratched!

My fuzzy gray and black striped cat Chester is one of my greatest inspirations. He has a personality, that is all his own. One moment, he is one of the most persistent creatures on the planet, when he is hungry. He will stand at the back door of my home, on the porch and meow constantly until, I open the back door and put food in his food bowl. Another moment, he can be a timid fellow, by backing up, until I pet him. Then suddenly; when he rolls on his back, he can be the cutest, cuddliest, most loving buddy I ever had.

About 4 years ago, a friend of my fathers’ found Chester when he was a kitten, in the middle of June out in the woods walking around his mail box. He was thirsty, half-starved, and a tiny little thing. My fathers’ friend called my father, asked him if he wanted a kitten, and brought him over immediately to see him. In turn, my father asked me if I had wanted to take care of a little kitten. Once I had laid eyes on that cute little fuzz ball, I couldn’t refuse. Ever since then, Chester has been my #1 buddy.


Kitty on the prowl…

I suffer from chronic pain and other health problems. Chester has been a Godsend to me. When I am having a bad pain day, I can sit down, pull him on my lap, and pet him. He loves it when I scratch his ears, face, and tummy. He purrs, shuts his eyes, and enjoys The pure attention of it all. For a moment it takes my mind off of my pain, troubles, and focuses my attention on him.

He also, follows me as I walk around my very large backyard yard, meowing very loudly demanding me to notice him. It has been fun owning a cat, since he is my first one; in the past I only have owned dogs. I have definitely have noted the many similarities between them, cats can be clean, picky, crafty, moody, and newsy little creatures. While dogs, are more energetic, open, friendly, loving, greedy, and messy.

No matter, what kind of pet you may own, they can be a major blessing in your life. They can boost your moral, raise your spirits, and as you take care of them; they will take care of you. By making you smile, giving you love, affection, and motivating you to move a little bit faster by their persistent energy.

A few months ago, my 6 year-old niece was visiting me at my house for a week. She had gotten upset at me because she had wanted to go home early, I had told her “no” and she started crying. After trying to reason with her didn’t work; I told her to go get my cat, and start petting him. Immediately, upon petting him, she stopped crying and completely had forgotten what she had started crying about.
That made my life, so much easier, thanks Chester. Guess what everyone, I have found that most children love pets.


Can you spot the hidden kitty?

Here is a tip on keeping your hope alive, if you are able to adopt a pet: furry, non-furry, reptilian, etc., or even own a gold-fish in a small fish bowl. The source of joy, inspiration, amusement, and the moral boost will be well worth it.

Also, I endorse and encourage the use of service pets; to help provide them some love, healing, comfort, therapy, and to bring some joy, to our military veterans recovering from PTSD and other difficult problems they are facing.

Cheers, everyone!

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