Daily Prompt: A Urgent Reality of Reality Shows


Over Dramatized Arguing

I am old enough to remember how the world and television was before, reality shows had taken over. No, I am not old. So, I can tell how much television has change over the years. TV has gone from sitcoms that were centered on the family, their problems they face, and how to solve them. To certain reality shows that take pride in blatant antagonizing, arguing, disrespect, fighting, scandals, and life’s normal misunderstandings being over dramatized to exceeding heights. All in the name of entertainment, to boost ratings, make more money for the networks that will air these shows, and making celebrity’s out of people who are willing to put all of their business on television with an open display of such negative behavior.

It makes me wonder about the deeply immature, negative, and violent examples of human behavior that are being put on television, that are sending messages to our next generation of preteens, teenagers, and young adults that are watching this on television,  telling them that it is alright to behave this way.

A lot of these shows rarely show these reality stars: apologizing to each other, implementing positive problem solving skills, respecting one another, or supporting each other through life’s difficult situations. There are no instructions emphasized to their viewers about how to handle the situations positively these ‘reality stars’ are facing. They just unpredictably freak out, yell, cry, have a nervous break-down, get mad, or complain. The high levels of drama, fighting, chaos, and violence are being advertised, glorified, and supported has contributed to a generation that: has a serious lack of respect, increased capacity for crime and violence, compassion, and lack of problem solving skills.  

I want to urge parents, guardians, and grandparents increase their awareness of the reality television shows that their child are currently watching. Take notice, of the ‘reality stars’: life style, behavior, how often they have or go to parties, how often do they drink or smoke, the way they speak, react to situations, how react to others when they get angry, and whether the police gets involved to break up violent situations.

Because I have seen this myself, that preteens, teenagers, and young adults not only copy what they see and hear these ‘reality stars’ do — they follow them on all forms of social media, watch them on You Tube, discuss and reenact their behavior with their friends.

If suddenly your preteen, teenager, or young adult in your household start to act out of character, if there is a  difference in the way they are talking, their habits change, if they start getting trouble in school, start breaking your house rules, fighting, stealing, being disrespectful, and getting in trouble with the police; those acts could possibly be traced back to the reality shows they are watching on television. And, how those shows are influencing them in so many negative ways.

Here are a few tips to help you to address this problem:

  • Find out the name of reality show or shows your child has been watching.
  • Do your research on these shows: by either typing in the name of the show in your televisions viewing guide or using the internet.  
  • After finding out, what the show is all about you may want to have a talk with your child and tell them to stop watching that particular kind of reality show or shows all together.
  • Use parental blocks that come with your DVR, television, or network provider to block inappropriate reality shows, Mature and R-rated television shows .
  • Find family centered, age appropriate reality shows for your child to watch, and watch with them together as a family.
  • Explain to them that the language, actions, and behavior that they are watching on these shows are: negative, wrong, unacceptable, and are not to be mimicked or copied. 

I have found that not all reality shows are inappropriate for preteens, teenagers, and young adults. There are some age appropriate ones, that are meant to promote family, teamwork, encouragement, positive messages, and values.  I want to encourage parents,  to think about what kind of lessons those shows are teaching your child and if you want them learning those kinds of lessons. Then set your parental blocks accordingly.

If this problem of this urgent reality of reality shows does not get addressed, your life could be as turbulent, chaotic, and dramatic as the lives as those ‘reality stars’ are. And you could be doing a lot of unwanted damage control to fix problems brought on from negative behavior, you did not want taught to your child in the first place.

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