Daily Post: Completely Twisted Views of Right and Wrong


What would you do, if this elephant escaped from the zoo?

daily post: banned

After years of watching the local news, I began to wonder about, the authority figures, that are burdened by the powerful life and death decisions that have to make on a daily basis. And, have begun to question their decisions in deciding, on what creature or whom deserves another chance at life. It makes me ask the question of:

Why in most cases, when an animal escapes from the zoo, all of the qualified professionals that have set out to capture it, will shoot it down with a tranquilizer dart, to make it go asleep, so it will not die? But, if a prisoner escapes from prison in most cases, they are said; to be armed, dangerous, and are immediately killed on sight?

Is it because the animal from the zoo is viewed as a creature, that is acting purely on instinct, and deserves to live? And, the prisoner who escaped from prison, is considered to be fully aware of what he is doing, and is viewed as an immediate and dangerous threat? Is there a reason that will be deemed as acceptable, for that particular prisoner escaping prison, to prevent them from being viewed as dangerous, and killed on sight?

Then, why is it that Donald Trump is allowed to say anything that pops in his head? That can be full of hate, anger, prejudice, sexual harassment, and is purely offensive to such a vast majority of people. Is able to away with it just because, he is rich, has power, influence, and is running for president. To not get banned off of national television, fined, arrested, or punished in any way shape or form.

What unjust actions Hillary and Bill Clinton, have been able to get away with apparently minimal/barely any consequences at all, to their political careers? With their  combination of morally corrupt acts, sexual scandal, law breaking, and vast expanse of bad decisions, that the two of them have made. In which includes their, sexual harassment/sexual scandal, and email crimes. And I wonder, after the presidential election is over, will all of these past sins, offensive reality show antics, and crimes, just disappear from the news media. Quietly, fading into obscurity, never to be mentioned again…

But, let someone who is of any other racial minority that is looked down upon in society, say the same exact things, Donald Trump has been saying, or commit the same acts the Clinton’s have in the past? Without the advantage of race, corporate backing, huge fortune, power, and influence backing their actions! Would they be able to get away with all of that? I think, NOT! I know what the aftermath would be!  It is what I have seen happen, many times over. They will get banned from certain public places, get arrested, go to court, their lives and past indiscretions will become news fodder, have to pay fines, and their reputations and lively hoods will be ruined?


The Scale of Injustice

It seems to me, that the powers that be in our country, views of right and wrong are completely twisted and unfair. Why is it that politicians in power are able to  break the scale that balances justice and injustice off of its hinges, whenever it is convenient for them? If they are rich and have money they don’t pay the same cost, that ordinary Americans are required to pay, when they commit wrongful acts.

They can walk away by only paying a fine, but still remain unscathed, unfettered, and are able to stay rich, retire, and retain their freedom. Why is it, that the same things, that has been happening for decades are still happening, right now? Generations of ordinary Americans always have had to fight, protest, strike, picket-line, bleed, go to jail, fight tooth and nail, and die. In order for laws, bans, and restrictions, to get any kind of consideration by the president or congress, to be changed. For the betterment, of the people, they are supposed to be representing.

Injustices like these, is why so many people suffer, feel beaten down, ignored, and flat-out give up. On a corrupt failing system, providing the wrong people another opportunity to repetitiously, cause more problems. It is what makes it difficult to persuade others, in their keeping their hope alive! Smh!



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