This Is What Trash Talking Gets You!

“Flaunting your superiority to others as an upcoming leader,

causes others to rebel against your authority when it’s your

time to lead.”  – Alisha Drewery

So, now the decision has officially been made and Donald Trump is to officially become president. But, that doesn’t mean everyone has to like or agree with the that decision.

I believe that this decision gives everyone in this country more reason, to put Donald Trump and his future administration’s; standards, behavior, policies, and actions under closer scrutiny than, any other presidential administration.

He had so much to say, about being the ‘right man’ for the job. “He is going to make this country great, again.” And, now it is time for him to prove it. To put his money where his mouth is.

All I know is that, it is going to be very long, opinionated, and challenging four years. Try not to allow messages of superiority, anger, prejudice, sexism, and hate that is being put into speeches. To make you harbor feelings of anger, bitterness, frustration, and hopelessness. These are some difficult and trying times. There are some history-making events that are going on in this country, that are and will continue to test your faith, morals, beliefs, and sanity.

Please don’t get discouraged, turn violent, and do all you can in keeping your hope alive.



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