If Real Life Was Like a Hallmark Movie


A snow-covered home that would be the main setting of a Hallmark Movie

Now that we are approaching the holiday season, it is almost hard for me to believe that once again, the holidays are almost upon us. I know I am not only one, that looks forward to this time of the year. I relish in the fact, that it is starting to get cold outside, daylight savings time is over, and the various Hallmark channels is showing their 24-hour marathon of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s movies.

Those well made; sweet, warm, and fuzzy family friendly movies.

The plot always start out with the introduction of the leading woman’s and man’s job/careers/ lives. Then the main character always seem to feel lonely, have a sub-par love interest, then are normally breaking up with their future ex’s. Then, they make a drastic move, to change their lives in some way.


The change almost always, cause them to meet each other, minimum conflict ensues, zingers are passed back and forward between one another, then they slowly start warming up to each other. Then a musical montage passes, as work is being done, bonding is occurring, and sweet and gooey romantic gestures are being passed between the newly assembled couple.

Of course, after all of the up’s and down’s have passed. They have fallen in love, then there is a small disgruntled confession of unwanted truths, leads up to a huge blow out argument.

The leading man or woman leaves the other, tears, loneliness, and sadness ensues. Then a soul-searching self-realization moment happens, after speaking to a loved one. Every problem or complication ends up getting solved or work out. To cap the movie off, the movie mostly always ends with, the couple sealing their bond with a kiss.

Did I mention, these near-perfect relationships/ happily ever after’s occurs in the span of about 2 hours?

A Snow Flake

I am such as sucker for those kind of movies! Even though are believable stories, they only represent what the writers of the movie want you to see, the best part of reality. It is the way life should be, if we lived in a perfect world.

The leading characters almost always have perfect jobs/own perfect businesses, racial prejudices are non-existent, they always own a great home/apartment, they are almost never sick, their parents aren’t too old, and have fun–all expense paid adventures, trips, and projects.  Issues such as: violence, poverty, abuse, dangerous situations, sickness, and politics are not, normally mentioned.

I get it though– these movies are created with the sole purpose to give the viewer the sweet, warm, and fuzzy feeling, as a ploy to get you to spend two hours in a perfect reality.

You get a glorious opportunity to take your mind off of your troubles, to forget extensive protests, and growing chaos that is currently, going on in this country after this past presidential election. Each movie, has a purpose to encourage, to uplift, to teach you to appreciate your friends/ loved ones, and to give you a positive dose of holiday spirit.

If real life was like as Hallmark movie, the world would be free of prejudice, filled with neighborly love and good-will, the world would be a happier and  more peaceful place to live. Don’t you think?

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