Keeping Hope Alive – Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a very safe Thanksgiving and have a very Happy Holidays, in the weeks to come. I know it has been a while since, I have posted on Keeping Hope Alive. Things in my life have gotten a little topsy turvy due: to preparing for the Holidays, trying to manage my illness, and being busy with my family.

So, I am going to post the duration of this week from 12/13/16 – 12/18/16. However, on next week Keeping Hope Alive, is going dark starting on 12/19/16 until after the New Year on 01/02/16.

Also I have some good news. I am officially considered as a published author, Whoohoo!

In the upcoming New Year, my very first article will be published by the Christian Magazine, Focus on the Family Magazine, the article is titled Prayer Circle. The article will be published in the magazine in May 2017.

I am so excited and thrilled that one of my goals have finally been met. I can breathe a sigh of relief and I finally have the confidence to say that, this is the first of many publications to come. I will give the exact date in the upcoming year, when the magazine will come out, so that you will be able to check it out. I would appreciate your support.

For all of you writer’s, poets, and blogger’s out there– This is for You!  I had found this job opportunity at Beyond Your Blog, at, under the Opportunity to submit page, under the Inspirational subsection. However, I have checked the link on beyond your blog, to submit to this particular magazine, and the link is taken down. However, to find out about Focus on the Family’s current writing needs if you desire to write for them visit,

Beyond your blog also, offers many paid and unpaid job opportunities, for you to pick and choose where to submit to a: large variety of magazines, blogs, anthologies, books, and to more… for publication. So, click on the link above and check it out, you will be glad that you did.

Thank you, for reading, following, commenting, and supporting my blog Keeping Hope Alive, this year. I look forward in seeing what 2017, will bring. I hope you have a Happy and safe Holiday season.


Alisha Drewery

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