My Top 5 Favorite Pictures of 2016

Here are 5 of my favorite seasonal pictures, I have taken in 2016. This post features some pictures of plants, my garden, and very vibrant pictures of nature.


A Garden Spider

Here is an extremely dutiful spider, that made it his mission to get rid of some unwanted pests in my garden. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the nerve to get too close to him, to get a closer shot. (Sorry everyone, spiders are so– not my thing).


A Full Moon

I had taken this picture in a field close to my house right after sun-set, during a full moon. This picture makes me feel, so peaceful.



This was one of the last honey-suckle plants of the season. Yes… they smelled as beautiful as they looked.


Beauty at Dusk

This is my favorite nature picture I had taken in 2016. I had taken this one a few months ago, at dusk. I love the colors in this picture. Don’t you?


A Squirrels Dream


I call this picture, A Squirrels Dream. They are two acorns, I had found on the ground that had grown and had fallen off a tree, stuck together.

These are 5 pictures that has helped encourage me in Keeping my hope alive. I hope you will like these pictures, as much as I do.


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