Top Ten Things To Be Thankful For…

Due to intense feelings of shock, bitterness, anger, and multiple violent and non-violent protests. Hate groups, racism, and prejudice has moved to the forefront of various news shows.

The normal feelings of brotherly love, togetherness, and unity the holiday season evokes, are in a desperate need to be resurrected. These negative feelings are threatening to take over, due to multiple daily episodes political drama, and nervous anticipation to Donald Trump’s and his administration’s take over in government that is due to happen in a few short months.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the future will bring, but we need to take a moment to reflect upon all of the things that are important to us. By stop bickering about what has happened, giving power to fear, and doubt. We all need a little heart-felt reminder to be thankful.

Here are top ten things to be thankful for:
  1. Your Life, Health, Strength, and Mobility
  2. All of Your Loved Ones
  3. What You Already Have
  4. Your Community
  5. For Your Gifts, Abilities, and Talent
  6. Love
  7. A Home/ A Place To Lay Your Head
  8. Your Job/ The ability to get a Job/ Your Future Job
  9. The U.S.A, In Spite of Everything We Sill Have a Country
  10. The Ability to Right Wrongs, To the Best of Your Ability

These are the little things I find to be very important things to be, Thankful for.

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