Happy New Year, Keep Your Hope Alive!

Happy New Year!! It is officially 2017. Another year, to start with a clean slate. To make New Year’s resolutions such as; start exercising, get healthier, lose weight, start new career goals, get married, be successful, buy a house, or just live a happier more for- filled life. Right after the ball drops in Times Square and the “All Acquaintances Be Forgotten” New Year’s song is sung, everyone always seems to start the New Year with a positive attitude. Then W-A-M, normally 3 – 6 months later, their hastily made New Years resolutions always seem to crash and burn along with their newly found, ‘CAN DO’ — positive attitude. Why do our newly found optimism fade so quickly, after the month of January passes us by?

I believe that, this country’s politics has everything to do with the fading of everyone’s yearly dose of optimism. I know that right now, a lot of Americans are feeling a bit more jittery than usual, due to the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump. It seems as if the entire world is collectively holding its breath waiting to see what kind of drama is going pop-off next starting with the Presidential inauguration. On Christmas Eve, I had watched Oprah’s interview she had with the current First Lady Michelle Obama. Upon closing the interview, Oprah had asked a question to the First Lady, what message she thought, President Obama, and Obama administration want to leave behind after 8 years for the American people. And, her response was to show them what ‘hope’ looked like. To para-phrase what she had said, she continued on to say since, the election there are so many people throughout this country are now living ‘without hope’ and lastly, her personal wish is for everyone is to ‘not lose hope’.

After hearing that interview, the first lady reminded me to not only lose hope, but no matter what kind of prejudice, scare tactics, ploys to divide everyone, and uncontrollable circumstances. Hope is something that no one or nothing can take away from you, unless you allow it. Also, stupid/ bad/crazy/unfair decisions that are and are left to be made, by the up incoming presidential administration and all of the leaders in congress.

Though out history, we– average Americans, have fought against corruption, injustice, and pure unfairness. I know the non-violent methods has always been very limited in speaking-out, going to court, striking, and protesting. Wonderfully, we can’t allow anyone or anything to cause us to lose hope or faith. No matter your race, creed, or color or what religion, you believe in. The never-ending spirit of steadfastness, endurance, and your ability to fight in order for your hope to remain to be unbroken. You have control over, who you are going to allow to influence your actions.

During the presidential election, Donald Trump said; exactly what he wanted to say. As a result, he publicly offended, humiliated, embarrassed, and judged others. Stirred up, thousands of people’s prejudices, anger, hostility, and hate groups for his own purposes. All of these actions helped him get elected, made people argue, shocked people, invoked controversy and became so completely unpredictable, that fear was put in the place, where hope should have beenThat fear and doubt is still very neatly in place, where he put it.

To fight against such actions is important to ignore all of these hate filled ploys; that was used to incite anger, fear, and drama. For the purpose of getting more tweets, media attention, and negative responses from the world. To distract everyone from keeping their hope alive, to get everyone off focus so that everyone won’t come together in unity. To fight against injustices and to correct the numerous amounts issues that have been going wrong in this country, for such a long time. Important issues such as; raising the minimum wage in all 50 states, racial equality, protecting many communities drinking water, environmental protection, major corporations paying all of their taxes, decreasing the lack and poverty that is in the U.S., and repairing our entire country’s infrastructure.

These are just a few of many issues that are desperate need of being changed permanently. Instead of waiting every three years for politicians, lie about how they are going to fix these issues during election time, to just get themselves elected. Then, after they are elected, they have no intentions of doing anything about these issues because, fixing these issues don’t benefit them personally, the big corporations that are funding their campaigns or their constituents. In the end, we ‘the people’ of this country are the ones that suffer.

So as we go further into this New Year of 2017, try to stay focused on keeping your hope alive, personally and for this country and to see through all the negative comments, acts of discrimination, and ignorance that will most likely be thrown at us on a regular basis to keep us angry, bitter, hopelessness, placing blame, and fighting each other all of the time.


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