Accomplishing The Impossible

How are people able to accomplish the impossible? To move mountains that are seemly impossible to others? 

Moving a mountain by the literal, figurative or by any sense can appear to be impossible. After reading the quote listed above that was said by Confucius; all you have to do first, is to make the decision to move the mountain in the first place. Then, start by picking up and carrying away a few stones, at a time.

After you get started, the task may not appear to be so daunting. You don’t have to be very strong, have special skills, or be a master strategist. In order to make a mountain move it is important to be steady and consistent in carrying away the small stones that makes up the mountain.  

Then, after much hard work, sacrifice, and toiling ‘viola’ mountain is moved. And, you are able to conqueror the territory the mountain standing in its the way of.


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