Mixed Race Chick

I am a mixed

race chick.

A perfectly bred mongrel,

beautifully concocted,

melded together deliciously

as black and white,

checkered ice cream.

A chameleon of ethnicity,

never neatly fitting

into any Aryan’s carefully,

constructed steel cage,

of racial superiority.

Strong to boot,

constantly rejected,

insulted, demeaned,

and kicked around.

What are you?

They ask.

Uncategorized, paled faced,

with unruly,

frizzy, and knotty hair.

I am a courageous,

stubborn, proud,

defiant, and flat-footed

Mixed Race Chick.

Do you know who you are?

Poetry/ Copyright@2017/alishadrewery/keepinghopealive.com


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