The Majestic Waterfall


The Majestic Waterfall

Watching million of microscopic drops of water
trickling down a slick prehistoric rock face
raining down in an endless flood.

Listening to the mighty roar of transparent
water descending into crevasses,
over rock faces, and river banks.

Whose endless, soothing, rushing
sound of its current never-changing its melody.

Dark brown swishy mud made out of 
reddish-brown sediment,
grassy green pill-owly soft moss
carefully blended into nature’s vast color scheme.

Miles of ancient waters

stretching further and higher
constantly recycling itself
over and over again.

Visualizing past ghosts of centuries old
sunken ancient canoes, kayaks, and rafts
breaking apart at the crest of the waterfall.

Smelling the earthy aroma of blooming trees
and other vegetation being eternally washed
by an endless expanse of liquid.

Preserving the life of every living thing
surrounding it.

Showing the  intensive majesty
the waterfall brings. 



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