Are you a Big Venter?


Just recently, I was going through some articles on my personal Linked In account. I found a post and an article that was shared by Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post and the most recent founder and CEO at Thrive Global. I want to suggest that you check out her new site Thrive Global– whose mission statement encourages you to “Focus on More than living. It’s Thriving.” It’s a treasure trove of articles containing wisdom, encouragement, tips for entrepreneurs, taking time to unplug and to enjoy life, and so much more.

Personally, I have been following Arianna Huffington on Linked In for a while. Ever since I had heard her speak in a privately broadcasted webcast two years ago, given at the college I was attending by its local chapter of ‘The National Society of Leadership and Success Society’. Her lecture she had given had completely impressed me. And, I believe it was right then and there, that I had began to form the idea of starting my own blog and to start freelance writing.

Upon sharing the article, Arianna Huffington posted a comment above the article. She said; “It is important to acknowledge when something or someone has upset you, but it’s when we get stuck on these moments that we run into trouble.”

The article I had read, was titled This is What happened When I Gave Up Venting About My Problems“. It was written by a writer on her site Thrive Global; named Lily Mercer, a physical therapist, writer, wellness enthusiast, optimist, and Founder of In the article, the author states that she used to express herself in a loud or angry way of speaking (also, known as  ‘venting’). She would vent about all of the negative problems, events, situations, and circumstances that would happen in her daily life. She would complain to anyone that would listen to her and that didn’t seem to help her much. Then, she goes on further in the article, to break down the steps she had taken in order to get herself to stop venting and to replace that negative habit with a more positive one.

So after reading this article, I really related to the point the writer Ms. Mercer was making, when she wrote this article and I found this article to be very helpful. It has inspired me to personally work on myself by stopping the bad habit of venting negatively. Because, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I am a big venter, especially when I get upset. I will talk, talk, and talk. When I have problem that needs to be solved, when someone or something has been getting on my nerves, when I am ‘going off’ about something negative, or when I am very angry. Then the same thing happened to me as it did to Ms. Mercer; after I had gotten finished venting I still am left feeling burdened, annoyed, troubled, and uneasy.

I know I may not be the only one, who probably needs to fix this bad habit! That is why, I am encouraging you click here and check out this article, This is What Happened When I Gave Up Venting About My Problems and see if it will help you to stop venting about your problems in a negative, harmful, and toxic way. And, by mastering this problem, you would have gained another tool in your arsenal in helping you in, keeping your hope alive. As well, as becoming a more improved person by working on a unhelpful habit.




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