Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Parent


Hello everyone,

Here is another guest post I have written, that has been posted by MakeItUltraTM also known as (MIU). It is titled, Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Parent.


In this article, I give a personal reflection on how absolutely frustrated my elderly father had made me to the point, I had walked out on my back porch and started screaming, Ahhhhhhhh… to the top of my lungs.  Because, being a caregiver to my 70-ish father who is suffering from some short-term and long-term health problems with a Type-A personality, has not been an easy experience for me.


And going off of personal experience, I know without a shadow of a doubt other caregivers that has made the decision to help take care of their parents whom has formerly been extremely successful in their careers, finances, and personal lives can face a ‘uphill battle’.


So as a result, I offer 3 lessons I have learned while taking care of parents with a Type-A personality. These lessons are directed at caregivers to offer advice and insight on the difficulties a sick elderly patient with a Type-A personality must be going through. And, to remind the caregivers and the patients they are not alone.


Since, this article has been posted there have been two caregiver’s that have shared helpful, useful, and empowering comments of their caregivers experiences on MIU. So now I would like to firstly, like to encourage you to click on the link above, and read this article.


Secondly, to present an opportunity for you to write a comment below. To share your stories, experiences, and useful advice for others on being a caregiver to one or both of your elderly parents or former guardian who has an illness or disease.


Or if you have a question feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer, I will offer you resources in finding the answer, or I could forward your question to MIU. Since, they offer a free consultation for online psychological services. Their contact information is at the very bottom of this article, Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Parent.

I believe together, we can all play our part in keeping our hope alive.


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