Being Hard Headed


When I was growing up, I always heard the old saying recited from one of my parent’s when I was being disobedient, stubborn, or ‘hard-headed’. “A hard head makes a soft-behind”. To this day, I believe that old saying has rung true many times throughout the course of my life. Especially, during the times my being ‘hard headed’ has cost me time, money, friendships, or large amounts of aggravation.

However, just as it has been shown in the picture and quote above, being a little dense or ‘hard headed’ when you are facing discouragement will and can benefit you. The honey bee wouldn’t have gotten the honey out of the flower if it had gotten discouraged.

For example, whatever new experience you have started such as: starting or going back to college, starting a new business venture, starting a new job, or new project you can pretty much bet, sooner or later some challenges are going to arise. Those challenges may even tend to linger and stick around for a while. It is like it’s the universe’s time and season test you. To persuade you to quit, give up, or throw in the towel at a time that you can’t afford to stop. And, if you were to stop, it might cost you everything, if you do.

But, if you become dense, driven, steadfast, and immoveable in what you are trying to accomplish, your effort will eventually pay off, and you would have learned a valuable lesson. Then, when discouragement tries to come again to overwhelm you the next time, you could recognize it, and not allow it to even linger in your thoughts. To slow you down and to cause you to not arise to your full potential.


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