Small and Unnoticed Transitions

At first, the changing of the seasons isn’t given much thought or attention other than by the weatherman. Changes in nature, birds, other wildlife, and the weather start to be small and gradual going almost unnoticed. Until the weather is completely warm, all grass is lush with abundant green grass, trees are full of green leaves, the birds are loudly chirping, and many creatures come out of hibernation. Also, the reproduction of plants and wildlife begins to show.

Isn’t that how our family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors in our various communities can act toward us when are going through many unpopular physical, personal, academic, or career changing transitions? Especially, when we make it known that we are trying to change, but have lied, failed, or have fallen short many times in the past.

Such as when:

  • We make a decision to search for a new job after being unemployed for a long time.
  • Start a new college or semester after flunking out in the previous one.
  •  Picking another college major or have changed jobs for the fifth time or more.
  • Trying to quit smoking, drinking, or a harmful substance abuse habit after dozens of failed attempts.
  • Working on stopping using profanity after being the worse swearer in your social group or family.
  • Starting an exercise program after giving up, not committing, or gaining back the weight repeatedly.


Until something clicks inside of you and the planets seem to align. You finally make up your mind that you are going to do this thing! You decide to make a goal, have a plan, and go for it. Failure is not going to be an option! As each day passes; commitment, determination, and an internal drive develop that you are going to follow through in achieving this change in your life. Time passes, others notice your transition. They talk about you. Either, in a positive way by giving you praise and encouragement or negatively giving you criticism, harsh predictions of failure, maybe even place bets on when you are going to fail.

Then suddenly, you are no longer in transition, everyone is watching, and you have weathered the storm and have achieved your goal. You have finally achieved success! To think it all started by a small act and a seemly unnoticeable transition.


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