Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose


Hello, everyone!

I know it has been ‘long-time no post’, since my last blog post. A lot has changed, since then. I had decided to take an unplanned/unofficial break from blogging and consistently posting on social media. It had given me the time to try to search and find new employment opportunities that would take me outside of my comfort zone, earn a steady paycheck, and to temporarily move away from writing. Of course, I was successful in my search. However, it didn’t bring forth the results I had been expecting. At the beginning of the new job, I had these huge plans of using the job as a stepping stone to another opportunity. However, as the saying goes, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.’

I ended up working a job for three months as a server in a hotel during the summer. Then after the third month, I had decided to quit the job. Since then, I have applied to many entry-level work-from-home opportunities and either many doors that has to lead to other employment avenues has been slammed shut in my face or I didn’t have the equipment or financial resources to move forward with those opportunities.

Upon deeper reflection, with 2017 quickly winding to a close, my recent experiences has caused me to realize three things.

They are:

1.)  This scripture from the bible that has encouraged me as I continue to move forward towards my intended purpose. “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: ‘The words of the holy, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens, and no one will shut, who shuts, and no one opens.” Revelation 3:7 ESV


2.) Each rejection has shown me, that opportunities that may be available for others are not necessarily meant for me. Rejection shows you which direction ‘you are not supposed to go’ either during that time period or ever. Persistence will either beat out rejection or steer you in another direction that should be followed.

3.) How much that I truly have missed writing. And, an heart-felt outpouring of friends, family, social media followers, and WP readers has shown me that my writing has been truly missed.  And, has motivated me to get on the ‘Good Foot’ and start writing again.


“Get On The Good Foot”

Honestly, I had started writing because, I had deeply felt I had something to say. To make my voice be heard to help inform, inspire, and to bring a little bit of encouragement to others. Also, an attempt to briefly counteract, some of the prejudice, violence, hate, and endless negativity that is thrown in our faces by a daily bombardment of political craziness, ‘fake news’, and outrageous tragedies — Yes, I know what you are thinking, I have big dreams, right…

Now, ‘after lightly smacking myself on the forehead’. I suddenly came to the realization, that if I just stood still for a moment, be quiet, pray, and started listening to my heart. It has been telling me the entire time I truly ‘Am a writer’, through and through. That the initial plan, vision, preparation time, and hope I was putting in for my future, and time I had spent in true and sincere prayer in starting “Keeping hope alive”, was a goal that I need to keep putting in work and investing in. With my time, finances, prayers, and faith. The truth is that I have never stopped writing! All spring, summer, and most of all fall I have kept writing but didn’t to post any of it. I have found that to constantly and continuously fling a collection of materialized work that represents an investment of yourself, belief system, and time out in the world; takes a true commitment, risk of rejection, and an act of hope and faith.

How many of us, start out with a plan or vision that has come from a true place in our heart, work hard at it, then decide to abandon it, sell it, or discard it for the wrong reasons? Such as; it is costing you a lot more money than it is worth, a large amount of followers, or unexpected negative results than you had originally intended.


We are in a world and society, that people, businesses, politicians, and leaders; will extend their faith, leading them to climb up on a soapbox passionately selling an idea, idea system, product, business, business investment, or well-intended proposal for change, that will break the glass ceiling and really bring about change. Then after, adversity, over a billion voices shouting criticism, and monumental losses of money and stockholders and with a heavy heart you decide to give up and walk away. Causing intended and unintended consequences that will affect others’ lives forever on a large-scale.

There is a price to pay for everything whether if it ends up being, ‘good or bad’. The question is, “Are you willing to do the work, that will be required once you have made the decision to extend your faith?” Once, the road gets rocky, difficult, and that path you decided to follow appears to be too rocky to walk on? To truly believe in yourself after everyone else in your life is doubting or giving up on you.

Some years ago, at a church I was attending, there was a guest speaker who from Texas who had preached a sermon. And, he had said something extremely wise that had really stuck in my mind and had taken root in my heart. However, I wasn’t able to understand the true value or meaning of that sermon until now… That has helped me come to make some important life decisions including; rededicating my life to Christ, joining a new church home, re-examining current and prior life commitments.

He said, and I am paraphrasing here, “Once you finally start doing, what God has purposed in your heart to do, what he created you for, then and only then will you start to move forward towards God’s intended purpose and plan for your life.”   Then as a perk, you will begin, “reaping the blessings that will increase in your life including; money, spiritual growth, connections, and friendships to complete the difficult assignment that will take you your entire lifetime to complete is set before you.”


“You will begin reaping many of life’s blessings”


Finally, I will leave behind this question, “Why should royalty, entertainer, CEO, billionaire, doctor, inventor, politician, or reality star be valued more period by making the sacrifices to follow their own heart initially leading them to reach their intended purpose, than a person that is ‘poor’ by society’s standards?”

If the so-called, ‘More people Important Then You’ of this world can do it, so can you. Who is to say anyway that they are more important than you anyway?











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