A Special Gift

pablo (7)

Here is a special gift wrapped just for you.

As time quickly starts to wind down as it is getting closer to Christmas, I have started to notice the increase of the typical holiday traffic around all the major shopping areas when I drive into the city. That are filled with crowds of people who are all scrambling around to finish up buying items that will be ultimately wrapped, placed in stockings, represented on gift cards, or crammed into gift bags.

The heart of their Christmas shopping taken place in stores, shops, and of course online to buy gifts for all of the special people in their lives. As I watch all of this hustling and bustling going on around me makes me wonder. How carefully are the gifts that are being chosen for Christmas has been carefully matched up with the person’s personality, character, needs, or wants? On the other hand, does the pressure of having to put a certain amount of presents to fill up the space under the Christmas tree every year as it gets closer to Christmas, has affected the desire, love, and joy that makes giving those gift’s special?

Here is a simple, but humble quote of advice that will help during the pressure’s that the Holiday’s can bring given by Francis of Assisi, for you to read. To help encourage you and as a reminder of what giving is all about… 

pablo (8)

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Francis of Assisi

So, on Christmas as you give your gifts this year, don’t forget to remember to share your own priceless special gifts you already have and that money can’t buy. Which is the warmth of your heart, love, joy, support, compassion, good will, delicious food, wonderful memories, good health, and your prosperity with others.

Happy Holidays everyone…


Picture found of penguin on pixabay.com and ‘meme’ created on Pablo by buffer. Also, quote by Francis of Assisi was found on https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/francis_of_assisi



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