Happy Belated New Year!

Hello Everyone!!

I know we are over a week in the New Year, for me to just now be saying Happy New Year. However, I would say in my defense that within the past two weeks I have gotten a job, quit a job, and gotten another job. Gotten a bad virus due to the coldest winter in 15 years, am recovering from the virus, and am waiting for the thaw from the blizzard that has defiantly been giving me cabin fever.

Sorry people, this holiday season has completely gotten away from me. On a positive note, I have had a wonderful time spending time with my family, laughing, joking, and stuffing myself with mounds of turkey, ham, and other holiday goodies. That time was very much-needed. I hope you, your family, and friends have had an amazing Holiday season, as well.

Now, with the holidays in the rear view mirror, I am looking forward towards all of the blessings that are in store for me, along with the work that accompanies them as I move further through 2018. My determination to maintain my hope for this year, is purposely cranked up even higher this year than last year because, with only 8 days in the New Year these past days of current events including; the president’s New Year’s tweets, the new controversal book about the president titled, “Fire and Fury”, and how he, The White House, and his cabinet is reacting to it, the unprecedented protests and political unrest happening in Iran and in Israel. As well as, Oprah’s powerful and inspiring speech and the message sent from all of its attendees standing in solidarity during The Golden Globes. Is a precursor that this year is going to be more drama-filled, chaotic, and the echo’s of people’s voices growing louder this year by speaking out and standing together more in solidarity against seemly endless lists of injustices that has accumulated throughout decades more than ever. Longing for action to be taken, closed ears to stop ignoring the truth, and long-lasting results to be obtained.

With all of this in mind, I leave you with three inspirational memes of hope to help inspire you and encourage you during the beginning of this second week of 2018.

pablo (9)

pablo (11)

pablo (10)

Quote found @http://brainyquote.com, Copyright@2018, http://keepinghopealive/wordpress.com/alishadrewery




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