Please, Hire Me Page


Hello, my name is Alisha Drewery. I am a blogger and freelance writer.

Pieces I specialize in writing are: articles, how-to’s, features, inspirational pieces, scriptural pieces, creative nonfiction, short excerpts, and creating business flyers.

Marketable writing skills I could contribute to your business: is my know how in writing creative articles, and blog posts online. I know how to tell your story in a clear, relatable way, that will connect with your ideal audience and clients. I am skilled in SEO, can efficiently create, and publish content online. Sufficient in photography and can share posts through Facebook, Google+, WordPress, and Linked In.

Current samples of my writing can be found here at my blog, Keeping Hope Alive. My previous publications consist of a published poem titled, He found at and a piece that will be published on May 2017, for christian magazine Focus on the Family Magazine titled, Prayer Circle. I two guest posts, that has been featured on psychology, health, and wellness blog named MakeItUltraTM at

Please feel free to contact me if you have any available work opportunities. You can email me at, send me a message at my Facebook page, or leave a comment here on this page.


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