Being Hard Headed

When I was growing up, I always heard the old saying recited from one of my parent's when I was being disobedient, stubborn, or 'hard-headed'. "A hard head makes a soft-behind". To this day, I believe that old saying has rung true many times throughout the course of my life. Especially, during the times my … Continue reading Being Hard Headed


Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Parent

Hello everyone, Here is another guest post I have written, that has been posted by MakeItUltraTM also known as (MIU). It is titled, Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Parent.   In this article, I give a personal reflection on how absolutely frustrated my elderly father had made me to the point, I had walked out on my back porch and started screaming, Ahhhhhhhh... to … Continue reading Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Parent

Are you a Big Venter?

Just recently, I was going through some articles on my personal Linked In account. I found a post and an article that was shared by Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post and the most recent founder and CEO at Thrive Global. I want to suggest that you check out her new site Thrive Global- whose mission statement … Continue reading Are you a Big Venter?

5 Invaluable Life Lessons

Hello everyone, I am very proud to say, this is my very first guest post titled "5 Invaluable Life Lessons" featured on here on at   This site a very wonderful blog community whose purpose is to promote positive mental health and wellness. As well as, offering extremely helpful online psychological services. In … Continue reading 5 Invaluable Life Lessons