Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient – Saying Goodbye

Over two months ago, I had written a guest post that was published on the psychological wellness blog Make It Ultra (MIU) titled, Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient. I told a story about the time was helping to care for my father who has a Type A personality as he was undergoing some health … Continue reading Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient – Saying Goodbye


What We Need to Hear!

Hello, everyone! I haven't made a new post in about a month. A lot has happened in that amount of time. Personally and in the world. Including the missile strikes on Syria and outbreaks of so much violence causing so many lives to be cut short that is occurring all over the world. There is so much … Continue reading What We Need to Hear!

Setting Your Mind to Accomplish Greatness

Growing up, my mother would always say, "Alisha, you can do anything you set your mind too."   Whenever I would get upset, complain, speak negatively out of discouragement, feel completly defeated about trying to solve a difficult problem, angry about an unfair circumstance, or was having a complete melt-down. She was amazing that way. That little phrase of encouragement she would repeat to me over and … Continue reading Setting Your Mind to Accomplish Greatness

Small and Unnoticed Transitions

At first, the changing of the seasons isn’t given much thought or attention other than by the weatherman. Changes in nature, birds, other wildlife, and the weather start to be small and gradual going almost unnoticed. Until the weather is completely warm, all grass is lush with abundant green grass, trees are full of green … Continue reading Small and Unnoticed Transitions

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I know from personal experience, if you are in a relationship Valentine's Day can appear to be one of the most romantic times of the year. The gifts, going out to dinner, and the other perks Valentine's Day may bring can be wonderful. However, if you are not a relationship, V-day maybe be considered as being at the top … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day