Happy Belated New Year!

Sorry people, this holiday season has completely gotten away from me. On a positive note, I have had a wonderful time spending time with my family, laughing, joking, and stuffing myself with mounds of turkey, ham, and other holiday goodies. That time was very much-needed. I hope you had an amazing Holiday season, as well. Now, with the holidays in the rear view mirror and more drama then ever check out 3 inspirational memes of hope to help inspire you this 2nd week of the new year.


Letting Good Advice Seep In

Hello everyone, If you are always a giver of good advice and are concerned if it's going to make a difference in the person you are giving it to. Then, this 'meme' is for you. It will help encourage you in your future advice giving.

Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose

Hello everyone, I know it has been a -long- no-post. It is wonderful to be writing again. So, come check out, my new post, 'Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose'. In order to answer this important question; "Why should royalty, entertainer, CEO, billionaire, doctor, inventor, politician, or reality star be valued more period by, making the sacrifices to follow their own heart to their intended purpose than a person that is 'poor' by society's standards?" Thanks and Cheers.

Instrument of Grace

Hello, everyone. When I found this quote, I though this would be appropriate since, it is planting season. And, if you are planning to plant flowers or a garden there can be a lot of work and you have to go through alot of steps in order to reap a successful harvest. So, check this 'meme' out and leave your comments on how you feel about gardening. I hope this quote will bring you a little encouragement this planting season.

Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient – Saying Goodbye

Over two months ago, I had written a guest post that was published on the psychological wellness blog Make It Ultra (MIU) titled, Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient. I told a story about the time was helping to care for my father who has a Type A personality as he was undergoing some health … Continue reading Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient – Saying Goodbye

Setting Your Mind to Accomplish Greatness

Growing up, my mother would always say, "Alisha, you can do anything you set your mind too."   Whenever I would get upset, complain, speak negatively out of discouragement, feel completly defeated about trying to solve a difficult problem, angry about an unfair circumstance, or was having a complete melt-down. She was amazing that way. That little phrase of encouragement she would repeat to me over and … Continue reading Setting Your Mind to Accomplish Greatness

Small and Unnoticed Transitions

At first, the changing of the seasons isn’t given much thought or attention other than by the weatherman. Changes in nature, birds, other wildlife, and the weather start to be small and gradual going almost unnoticed. Until the weather is completely warm, all grass is lush with abundant green grass, trees are full of green … Continue reading Small and Unnoticed Transitions