This Is What Trash Talking Gets You!

So, now the decision has officially been made and Donald Trump is to officially become president. But, that doesn't mean everyone has to like or agree with that decision. Read futher and find out what else I have to say about Donald Trump and keeping your hope alive.


Daily Prompt: A Symbol of Daring

Every time I look at this car the 1961 cherry red Chevy Chevelle personifies what daring is to me. It represents what is cool, beautiful, and a classic car that causes me to think that whomever has the privilege to drive it, owns a leather jacket and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Who goes cliff diving, base jumping, hang gliding, sky diving, para-sailing, and belongs to a biker club on the weekends.Someone who is up for anything that is reckless-- that will drive them to put the petal to the metal. That gives them that extreme adrenaline rush, that marvelous sensation of being alive. To read more check this out at the link above.

Compliments vs. Insults

  "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Proverbs:  18:21 KJV   Lately, I have been thinking about the endless amounts of causes that make people to lose hope, inspiration, get so disgruntled with racial injustices, political politics, and oppressive governmental systems … Continue reading Compliments vs. Insults