Happy Belated New Year!

Sorry people, this holiday season has completely gotten away from me. On a positive note, I have had a wonderful time spending time with my family, laughing, joking, and stuffing myself with mounds of turkey, ham, and other holiday goodies. That time was very much-needed. I hope you had an amazing Holiday season, as well. Now, with the holidays in the rear view mirror and more drama then ever check out 3 inspirational memes of hope to help inspire you this 2nd week of the new year.


Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose

Hello everyone, I know it has been a -long- no-post. It is wonderful to be writing again. So, come check out, my new post, 'Following Your Heart For Your Intended Purpose'. In order to answer this important question; "Why should royalty, entertainer, CEO, billionaire, doctor, inventor, politician, or reality star be valued more period by, making the sacrifices to follow their own heart to their intended purpose than a person that is 'poor' by society's standards?" Thanks and Cheers.

Happy New Year, Keep Your Hope Alive!

Happy New Year!! It is officially 2017. Another year, to start with a clean slate. To make New Year's resolutions such as; start exercising, get healthier, lose weight, start new career goals, get married, be successful, buy a house, or just live a happier more for- filled life. Right after the ball drops in Times Square and the "All Acquaintances Be Forgotten" New Year's song is sung, everyone always seems to start the New Year with a positive attitude. Then W-A-M, normally 3 - 6 months later, their hastily made New Years resolutions always seem to crash and burn along with their newly found, 'CAN DO' -- positive attitude. Why do our newly found optimism fade so quickly, after the month of January passes us by? Click on link to read more...