A Special Gift

Hello Everyone, As you speed through your holiday weekend finishing up your holiday shopping this weekend. Take a moment to check out keeping hope alive's holiday penguin and a special message he has for you to keep in mind throughout this holiday season.


The Importance of the Word, Joy

It seems to me the word joy, is not being used enough. By only being pulled out only on special occasions, times of the year or on holidays such as, Christmas or Easter. Read this post and send me a comment. About, when you think about the word that describes the emotion joy, what or whom are you thinking about?

Always Expect the unexpected one!

I really like this post “Always Expect the Unexpected One”, written by Purva. This is one of my favorite blogs “The Daily Stroll”. I agree life is full of unexpected things, events, and experiences. So, I am reposting this from “The Daily Stroll”.

And, it is important to respond to them, like the way Purva said: “Enjoy the journey and welcome the surprises with full grace and smile!”

Thanks Purva, for the wise advice.

The Daily Stroll

Life itself is a surprise gift, and being part of it everyday is a new surprise. There are times, we are busy thinking about the things that we expect to happen but at the same time it is only the unexpected that hit us the hardest. Sometimes it may also change our lives completely.

We cannot predict where the next moment leads our lives to! God might surprise us with the things that we always have desire of, and we didn’t expect them to come around so soon. At times, I think it is seems like an adventure game where we unlock with new people and things every next level . With increasing level it becomes more difficult and interesting at the same time. Only we have to make sure that we keep winning with full stars and enjoy the journey and welcome the surprises with full grace and smile!

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A Great Time to be Inspired

  Here we are, still excited and full of enthusiasm, in heading into another week of watching the 2016 Rio Olympics. Cheering for our favorite summer Olympic athletes and teams to continue to do their best and bring home the best medal they can earn. With as much fan-fare we can muster on Twitter, Facebook, and all facets of social media. That … Continue reading A Great Time to be Inspired