Mine Heart Never Ceases To Hope

Here is a poem titled, "Mine Heart Never Ceases To Hope," to help give you some encouragement, in not losing your hope. To help inspire you this holiday season. Check this poem out, highlighted with it's colorful background.


Making the Best Out of Things

When you or a loved one have gotten a diagnosis of; cancer, a long-term chronic illness, or a long-term disability, entire lives are changed. Suddenly, you are a patient or the care-giver of a patient. Click for more advice on making the best out of things.

A Tribe in Battle

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe knows all too well about, fighting for what you believe in. Whose tribe of people having spent a long history of battling injustices and infringements against their rights.  Recently, they have been holding a rally protesting against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline together, since the spring of this year, as well in Washington, DC today.