Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient – Saying Goodbye

Over two months ago, I had written a guest post that was published on the psychological wellness blog Make It Ultra (MIU) titled, Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient. I told a story about the time was helping to care for my father who has a Type A personality as he was undergoing some health … Continue reading Personal Reflection: Caring for an Elderly Patient – Saying Goodbye


What We Need to Hear!

Hello, everyone! I haven't made a new post in about a month. A lot has happened in that amount of time. Personally and in the world. Including the missile strikes on Syria and outbreaks of so much violence causing so many lives to be cut short that is occurring all over the world. There is so much … Continue reading What We Need to Hear!

Daily Prompt: A Urgent Reality of Reality Shows

I am old enough to remember how the world and television was before, reality shows had taken over. No, I am not old. So, I can tell how much television has change over the years. TV has gone from sitcoms that were centered on the family, their problems they face, and how to solve them. To … Continue reading Daily Prompt: A Urgent Reality of Reality Shows

Daily Prompt: Standing on the Border

Standing on the border, had given me a moment of revolation, that surrounded me with an unexpected sensation of peace and tranquility. I was eternally grateful for that precious sudden moment of silence, I wasn't look for, it just showed up. You just might find your unexpected, moment of peace, and tranquality. By allowing it to happen, by being out and about for another purpose. What has happened to you while you were standing on the border?

A Universal Message of Peace

I listened very intently when International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach had said in his speech about, how all of the Olympian athletes that had participated in the Olympic Games were sending a universal message of peace.  By being international ambassadors of peace. By showing the world that they can live together, befriend one another, and show selfless acts of good sportsmanship while competing against each other.

Compliments vs. Insults

  "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Proverbs:  18:21 KJV   Lately, I have been thinking about the endless amounts of causes that make people to lose hope, inspiration, get so disgruntled with racial injustices, political politics, and oppressive governmental systems … Continue reading Compliments vs. Insults