Happy New Year, Keep Your Hope Alive!

Happy New Year!! It is officially 2017. Another year, to start with a clean slate. To make New Year's resolutions such as; start exercising, get healthier, lose weight, start new career goals, get married, be successful, buy a house, or just live a happier more for- filled life. Right after the ball drops in Times Square and the "All Acquaintances Be Forgotten" New Year's song is sung, everyone always seems to start the New Year with a positive attitude. Then W-A-M, normally 3 - 6 months later, their hastily made New Years resolutions always seem to crash and burn along with their newly found, 'CAN DO' -- positive attitude. Why do our newly found optimism fade so quickly, after the month of January passes us by? Click on link to read more...


Daily Prompt: The definition of the word ‘Slog’

As I think about the definition of the word `slog`, the thing that reaches the top of my list, that I have been working doggedly or persistently on for the longest in my life is my writing. I had been writing as a hobby for over ten years. With five rejection letters of five rejected poems already under my belt, two that just came in a couple of e-mails on yesterday--- I am just starting to really understand the meaning of the word 'Slog'.