Happy New Year, Keep Your Hope Alive!

Happy New Year!! It is officially 2017. Another year, to start with a clean slate. To make New Year's resolutions such as; start exercising, get healthier, lose weight, start new career goals, get married, be successful, buy a house, or just live a happier more for- filled life. Right after the ball drops in Times Square and the "All Acquaintances Be Forgotten" New Year's song is sung, everyone always seems to start the New Year with a positive attitude. Then W-A-M, normally 3 - 6 months later, their hastily made New Years resolutions always seem to crash and burn along with their newly found, 'CAN DO' -- positive attitude. Why do our newly found optimism fade so quickly, after the month of January passes us by? Click on link to read more...


The Importance of the Word, Joy

It seems to me the word joy, is not being used enough. By only being pulled out only on special occasions, times of the year or on holidays such as, Christmas or Easter. Read this post and send me a comment. About, when you think about the word that describes the emotion joy, what or whom are you thinking about?

Daily Prompt: The definition of the word ‘Slog’

As I think about the definition of the word `slog`, the thing that reaches the top of my list, that I have been working doggedly or persistently on for the longest in my life is my writing. I had been writing as a hobby for over ten years. With five rejection letters of five rejected poems already under my belt, two that just came in a couple of e-mails on yesterday--- I am just starting to really understand the meaning of the word 'Slog'.